Light the Way 2015 Earth Month Candle

Madagascar is Aveda’s 2015 inspiration.  For over 8 years the donations from the Aveda Light the Way candle have gone to Global Greengrants Fund to provide small grants that help protect and maintain clean water all over the globe.  For Earth Month 2015 Aveda was inspired to share the impact this work has had in the village of Manakara, Madagascar, where over 5,000 people have benefitted from these grants.

This year’s limited-edition Light the Way soy wax candle features a rich and spicy aroma of certified organic vanilla and cinnamon grown in Madagascar.  The packaging is inspired by drawings from children in Manakara, Madagascar, who have clean water thanks to the 2011 Light the Way candles.

Each candle retails for $12.  The purchase price of a candle can help provide years of drinking water for a person living in Madagascar.

The 2015 Earth Month Candle will raise over $1.8M for clean water projects around the globe.  100% of the Earth Month Candle proceeds go to Global Greengrants Fund for clean water projects, like the ones in Madagascar.

The candle glass is made from 100% reclaimed beverage bottles.  Because this reclaimed glass does not have to be crushed or re-molded, far less energy is used to create the glass container.

Aveda has raised more than $32 million for environmental causes since 2007 and given $26 million to clean water projects locally and around the world. To date, Aveda has helped change the lives of more than 600,000 people in 44 countries through candle sales alone.

This year Aveda’s goal is $6.5 million…CV Hair Company’s goal is $3000.00!  Help us to reach our goals by purchasing a Light the Way Candle and be a Water Warrior!!