Spring 2015-Rare Bloom Makeup Collection

Rare Bloom Makeup Collection-Nature Inspired

The spring 2015 Rare Bloom makeup collection was inspired by budding wildflowers and delicate butterfly wings.  Celebrate the spring thaw with earthly clays and fresh pinks in different textures and shades.  Use them to create stained lips that bloom like flowers and eyes with natural shimmer.

The Rare Bloom collection was shot on a Minnesota prairie, the perfect natural backdrop. We also chose this location to raise awareness about declining bee populations.

Native tallgrass prairie is a primary nutrition source for bees, but it’s also one of the most indangered habitats, with only 4% remaining in North America.  Without a safe habitat in which to thrive, bee populations are rapidly declining. And because their pollination generates one out of every three bites of food we eat, we need them as much as they need us.

Aveda’s efforts have helped fund serval restoration projects, including restoring some of Aveda headquarters’ 58 acres of Certified Wildlife Habitat to native prairie.