Aveda’s Fall Winter Collection 2014

Romantic Grandeur

Aveda’s new Fall Collection is full of glamorous and dreamy images of old and new styles mixed together to create a beautiful new trend for Fall.

“Romantic Grandeur invites you to step into that magical realm that exists between sleep and wakening, ” Antoinette Beenders Aveda Global Creative Director says, “The idea was to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, and between the past and present.”

The new collection uses deep cool shades, rich natural color and strong cuts that have been softened for a refined finish.  The woman and styles are clearly showing movement, making them a natural wearable trend for this Fall. The cuts include modern bobs, classic smooth styles, sleek and wavy pixie cuts and textured curls.

“I was inspired by this idea of things becoming beautifully worn over time, (like how) paint can take on a different texture and tone as it chips,” explains Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup. Geason describes the new makeup line, “Romantic Grandeur makeup started with beautifully defined shapes, which we then smudged with our fingers or a brush to blur the lines and make it more soft focus.” The two Fall looks created by the Aveda team are Red Lotus and Winter Lilac, both very wearable for everyday or evening.