Solstice Bloom Makeup Collection

Catch Spring Fever with this limited-edition Solstice Bloom collection. It is a blend of grounding earth tones; poetic, pastel shades; and vibrant magentas that beckon you toward the lighter days of spring and summer.

As winter melts into spring, we move out of the darkness and celebrate one of nature’s simple, yet most important gifts-light.  It’s a time to become inspired by the ways light effects nature, from the variegated coloration of petal or leaf to the natural areas of highlight and recession created by the sun’s refection, or nature’s contour.  These images translate into makeup looks that are just a inspiring, be it a dimensional, ombre lip or a perfectly highlighted and contoured complexion.

Nourish-mint smoothing lip color

Pink Zinnia:  cool, bright, hot pink that provides full coverage
Coral Sands:  warm, soft, peachy-pink that provides full coverage
Pinkstone:  cool, pale pink that provides shiny, sheer coverage

Petal essence face accents

Seychelles Sand:  warm, pale, shimmery pink with a hint of sparkle

Nourish-mint rehydrating lip glaze

Sheer Tulip:  sun-kissed, coral red that provides shiny, sheer coverage
Sheer Flamingo:  cool, soft pink that provides shiny, sheer coverage

Petal essence single eye color

Rare Lily:  cool off-white with a sumptuous satin finish
Night Silk:  warm, neutral grey with a hint of olive highlight from subtle illumination
Sun Pebble:  cool, mid-grey with a hint of silver and a creamy, matte finish
Elderberry:  cool lavender-grey with a sumptuous satin finish